Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, in April 10, i have been born to the life,
wow now, i am 23 years old. i wish i'll be better for my future.

Thats so lately for me to give the comment here, but actually there is some problem that i found do i can't connect to internet because a trouble in networks og my indosat 3G.

I have pleased to my god, for kindly give me once more time to running of the life in the journey of world.

Kindly, i would like say so many thanks to Allah, because of Your kindness for anything that you have given to me, and for my parents, i love you much, to my sisters (Endang and Wulan), i miss you all.

To My friends in office, old friends, i miss u all.

Just trying for always say so many thanks to Allah.

Warm regards

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