Friday, July 4, 2008

General Election

Bandar Lampung, July 4, 2008

At 01.25 am

Well, I am trying to talk a little bit about political aspects in my being in. Well, most of the time, when I read the newspaper, when I drive my vehicles in the strategic place in the Street that I passed, I looked so many pictures in big amount, and most of the picture shows the candidate of Governor of Lampung for 2008-2013, with their promises when they as the number one person in this city. The Direct General Election in Lampung will be held in November (CMIIW’) 2008, and at this time the candidate trying to get the People hearth to choose them to be the number one person in Lampung.

There so many tricks that they done, such as closing to the students, give an “aid” directly to the people who needed it, make a big campaign by inviting the actress and Singers from Jakarta.

Actually we can see that how much many that they spent to this campaign, and one of my collogues said to me that one of the candidate is his close friend, and you know what, minimally one person should spend 50 Billion IDR for this campaign, and you know that, I am scaring about when anyone who will be the winner to be governor of Lampung for 2008-2013 will try to getting back with their “sacrifice” for getting the “chair of Power”.

But I am gladly hear about the candidate that truly will build Lampung Provinces, and trying give the prosperity to the people when they as a governor. But I am pessimistic about this one. When I got a internship in Finance Department in one of Balaikota in one of provinces, as a part of the staff that counting the salary that accepted by the Walikota, you know what, the salary for Walikota as the same my salary now, and wily Nilly I take a look with the person who have a seat on the chair of power, Wow greats, he have Luxury house, good vehicle (Toyota Fortuner) and some more Luxury vehicles, and I thought that, with my salary now, how they can afford this, that’s great question that step be in mind till day in me.

That’s life, and I truly like when hearing the person in “good chair” is called by KPK, related to their corruptions. How Indonesia can be a developing country when most of the people in good chair with the power have a cheat, corruption, and nepotism, we wish that the darkness of KKN era will be blown to the far-far way from Indonesia.

Wish we luck guys.

correct me if I am wrong.

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