Friday, July 4, 2008

Scare About and Fussy About

Friday Morning, at 01.00

Bandar Lampung, July 4, 2008

Its early morning I think, but I can’t go to sleep at this time, even I have so much to do tomorrow, I need some writing to put my feeling here, to crop my ideas up blown by wind to the sky.

Wow that’s great and I scare about this, because of most of the time I give more an attention from my Boss, I scary about this guy, I Willy-Nilly should try to explain to him much, with my actions, and activities, while he always try to suspect me with all my faults, this was caused one thing, that are, I make him anger with my attitude.

I have discussed to him what my feeling, what my thinking about, but he always fussy about and just said to me do your job, make it goals, but he doesn’t care about what my passion is, what my wants, just thinks about himself.

That’s to be true, in daily activities in doing our jobs, related to our responsibility, sometimes the person who called as “a Boss” always take the actions as the person who have the power to judge the others who as his subordinates as his wants, we don’t have any power to do what we are going to do.

That’s life, when you can adapt yourself to the situation that you are involved about, you will take out from the list, so do the jobs, make the best, even it hard for you to think about your passion, your enjoyment, because you are as the people who need money that paid every month in 25th.

That’s the life guys, so take one thing from my story about, “as the person who thinks about what our status is, we should try to do with them wants, when we don’t like with the “wisely action done” from these guy”, you can take yourself out from your involved, when you got ready”.

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