Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tongue is the sharper sword

Bandar Lampung
October 21, 2008

Sometimes we don't recognize that in our word when we speak to other,
we use the word that we think as usual mean, but have bad impact on others.
Statements is the some of word thats have meaning.
And we use statements as the way for us to communicate to other people.

In daily conversation people much speak as their wants but don't think about others
people feeling,i often feel this one. Why we should hurts other, why we can't respect the people,
where our heart is?,

i always thought that, might be they might be in under controlled conditions,
but lets try this, imagine that when in this world, people always kind to others,
people love each other, people help others sincerely, people smiles to everyone,
how the peace of the world will be?,

I am realizing that i am not the perfect man, but i try to give my best to others.
i started by my self, try to give greetings to people sincerely, smile to anyone meet,
helps each other.

i have heard this aphorism that is "Tongue is the sharper sword"
you can't imagine that what its means, your mouth is dangerous than AK 47,
or nuclear bomb, so please try to be understanding each other around us,
people more respectively when treated as respect.

Treat people as you want to be treated as well prevailed here.

Bambang Purnomo

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