Saturday, November 22, 2008

Technology for Business Outcome

November 23, 2008
at 03.00 am

I have been written an articles related to my company, and now i am trying for writing it.
Btw, now i am responsible for Medan territory, so i stay in medan now, the biggest city in Sumatera.

I am still working for HP, as the number one IT company in the world (Fortune 500, IT category), HP have plays important role for development of technology in the world.
HP have range of end-to-end products of technology, while competitors don't have.

As the biggest IT player, HP have the solution for the business, because as the increasing the scale of business, Most of the business now need Technology for business outcomes, it means, the technology support them for growing as integration.

HP can provide the solution to the business.

Technology is the key point and main gate for the business in climb the grow of business.


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