Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why Tsel


December 11, 2008

I would like describing one of the biggest player in telco industry in Indonesia, because it seems, is is so interesting for me to know it more, beside of i am the loyal customer for Tsel.

Tsel is established in 1995, as the majority owned by Telkom (65%), and Singtel (35%), Tsel have being established telco player in Indonesia, with 53 % markets share in Indonesia (March, 2008).

Telkomsel, as my experiences as the customers for this Operator, Tsel have good infrastructures in BTS, networks, Services, VAS (value added service). I subscribe 3 GSM for this operators that are One Kartu Halo for mobile phone, Kartu Simpati for Mobile phone, and Kartu Halo for Flash internet broadband.

As the market leader, Tsel have highly compete with Isat, XL, HCPT, NTS, PSTN, and other mobile cdma operator (m-8, smart telecom, sampoerna telecom), and fixed wireless cdma operator (BT, M-8).

In maintaining the markets share for leader in telco industry, i have some insight for Tsel for always providing the competitive tariff's to the user, because most of Indonesian market is price sensitive, so for preventing the switching to other operator, tsel should understand what markets wants, and try to create a good package program, like cheap handphone, with added with tsel starter pack. And it segmented to students markets, i thought that it can be strategy for tsel, for combating other operators, that offer the interesting market gimmicks in grabbing students markets.

Next, i will make an further analyzes for tsel strategy in penetrating market in Indonesia.

(Learning for being business analyst).

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