Sunday, June 21, 2009

I dunno What the Future bring to me

22 Juni 2009.

I am trying to get close to you,
but i feel desperate now,
hard to call you, to communicate to you,
and you never try to call or just send massage to me.

I try to be the better man, but i am crying with your behavior, you never try to understand me,
try to make me smile even just for a moment.
Its time for me to be a man,
I will not cry any more because of you,

There is one thing in my life that i always keep till the end of my life,
i just know that you are only be in my heart, thats it,
I hope you will be better tomorrow,
and i just do the best for my life,
i will never expect much to you, because you never expect much to me,
I try get close to your family, but you never introduce my self to your family,
and I always try to be there close to you, but you always hide me, and there are so many reason for you not to meet with me.

This is what my feeling now,
i am just try to figure out what my feeling is,
I dunno what the future brings,
i just walk in the right side, and never see back at all.
You are my everything,
but you never feel i am yours,
i dont want cry all day long just to think about you,
i wanna make my life so meaning ful.

I dont wanna try to reach you, till you call or send me a massage,
I dont enjoy this relationship.

Why there is no a light that guide you home?
Why you feel so selfish with your self?, never try to think about me?
Are you seriouse with this relationship?

The answer is yours?,
in your heart, and your feeling.

I Never try to begging for Love nomore.
Because love is share, not just expect.

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