Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Facebook User Profile in Indonesia.

March 03, 2016.

Facebook User Profile in Indonesia.

I took this useful information from We Are Social's Analysis, while they provide the actual update about Facebook User in Indonesia. Almost 79 Millions of Total Facebook's users nationwide, and 33% from 13-19 years old, and 44% from 20-29 years old.

It indicates that Youth Segment is being dominant as Facebook's users. "Productive Age" is social media active user. While we see that, in this Segment almost use smartphone indeed for lifestyle, chat, and also answering their need for connected and mobile.

Me, my self use and utilize Facebook maximally, Campaigning new product, business by Facebook is being effectively and efficiently than others advertising media likely in Local Newspaper. Being Digital and Connected in the new era nowadays, and as marketer how we use wisely this Social Media is being important role for the continuity of our business.

Keep Positive and Healthy as Always.

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