Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Maintain Good People in your Company

March 2, 2016.

I totally agree with this review, now people not only considering remuneration as the first consideration to stay in the company, but when they have a good & positive working environment, having good leader who encourage for the challenge to the next level, and have been treated well, "Good" Employee will stay.

Loving your passion, and you will like what you do.

I learn so much by experiences to treat my team well, because they are our assets, how you make them feeling comfort to work with us, they will more productive then we treat them in under-pressure condition. And by treating them as part of my family, they will give the best for us.

But keep one thing in mind, we have to another tools such kind controlling function, motivating or actuating people to achieve our objectives. 

I am not sure I am a good person, but I always keep making people around me happy.
Have a nice day everyone. Keep Positive and Healthy as always.

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