Thursday, June 5, 2008

The bribes in Governmnet Institution

Bandar Lampung, 6 Juni 2006


Well, thats the fact of life, while that i felt when i have any business
with the people in government institutions.

Oh my god, when i follow the process for document,
oh my god, one of staff in the institution, actually said clearly for the money that i should pay to him,

I don't know, why thats happened, it make me sad,
why in the era of reformation today, we are still in Corruption era, that happened past.

Oh, my god, actually it make me hard to understand for this.

I hope someday, Indonesia governmnet will endorse the supremacy of law in all of institution, while when have any action of corruption, will be brought to the law.

Yes, of course, i will

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