Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bandar Lampung, June 29, 2008

In the middle of the night, I wake up and find me lonely in the darkness of the night, and I thought for a while, sometimes I felt that I don’t satisfy with my current role. I have discussed to my manager, but there was no solution for me, and sometimes it made me feel bad.

Here, in the loneliness of my bedroom, I try to understand what the life means, there are so many things in mind that made me feeling down, I don’t know why, that question always appears to me, but I can’t answer it.

Oh God, might be I am the person who don’t say thanks to you for your kindness, but I just beg to You one thing, please place me in the right position, in order make me feel a life.

Well, I know that I am not a perfect man, I have so many mistake and shortages for doing anything related to my activities in my job, my daily activities, but I tried the best of me, but sometimes there are people around me who barrier me to be advanced, sometimes it always disturb me, and make me always think, what should I do, I need a shoulder to cry on, but I have none.

I feel down here, I feel freaky to anybody that I meet. I feel so in loneliness, I feel empty in the crowdies of world, I feel hungry in the many of dishes around me, I feel poor in the some money that I have.

Might be, one thing that I should do, I need someone to be shared, to talk, to discuss about me, I need a psychiatrist to help me.

That’s all mu feeling, I need some help, for fighting the life. Even I am a man, I thought that anyone can cry as they wants, so I need a cry, I need home, I need affection.

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