Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Self Confident

Bandar Lampung, June 10, 2008

I have stop to something and try to think, when one of my collogues in HP stated to me that I am the people who have too self confidence. And I thought and try to understand it, what’s wrong with me?
“Once, when you have made some actions in front of many people, while some of them like you anymore, and others dislike you”, that’s the mean of humanity.
I have found so many people, Indonesian people, or foreign, but keep one things that I always remembered that, there are so many the way of thought of them in facing their life, that’s shown by their attitudes, the way of speak, the way of treats others.
And, there is an interest word that I always remember from my HR Manager, Pak Setya Rahadi who stated that “treat the people like you want to be treated”.
In my life, I always try to be a good person, and I just a human, and a human must be mistaken, “no body’s perfect, right”, so yeah, so times I should be so confident to be myself, that’s always I do.
And my reference person, Pak Didik and Pak Budi have said to me that, just being myself.
Of course, we are the learner of life in this world, so sometimes we make a mistake, and we can see the past for the improvement of our future.
I know that I have so many shortages, while that I should improve by getting the inputs from my collogues, parents, and me myself.
I will do my best in my life, and I always try to be myself, and respect to the people, and always be humble.

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