Monday, August 4, 2008

Law of Attraction

Bandar Lampung
August 5, 2008

Some days ago, i discussed with my friends about how we treat our self in the life.
She tell me a story how a butterfly cocoon be a beautiful butterfly by its afford how hard its pass the way
in its life till he can feel free to fly in the sky, and make us feel so nice when looks them in
the park, or in the garden.

In life, there is a Law of Attaraction, that is " in short...our wish is our command, God will answer our wosh and what
you believe, If you believe you can get whats you wants, then voila it comes into reality".

Thats life, guys!,.
keep things in mind when we think that we could for all things that we want to do, what we want to have
just do it, and don't make it useless when you feel down, and its all will stuff be in mind in yours.

So think positive, make a wish, do the best what you can do for your life.


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