Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walk Hard

Bandar Lampung
August 24, 2008

Tonight i have rent a film about musician who started his career from the zero
and to be the star by walking hard in his life.

This musician was famous called Dewey Fox, born in Alabama in 1940's.
His terrible stories started by unintentionally killed his brother in 8 age years old.

and then, he was chased away by his father, and made him lived alone
to face his life in the world.

His started career as cleaning service in one of Erotic Music Pub,
and because of the main singer can't performance at the night,
he offer his self to Pub Manager while he can performance in music,
even in earlier the manager is hesitant with him,
but actually his music is loved by the people around pub, and he come to
major record, and started his song to hits song in the radio, around America at the time.

In his career he faced many temptation such as drugs, women,
and pressure from his father that wanted he died, because
his brother wh0 died because of him, was lovely son of him.

And till his age at 71 year old, he finally find the mean of life is???
he can interpret that the beautiful life can be got by the walking hard,
enjoy the life, loving the people. family, children, and his end of life he create
a masterpiece of song with title "Beautiful Life", and 3 minutes after he sand that song
in his last performance, he passed away.

we can get some insight here about career, life, parents, family,
and how we struggle our life when we got down.
so, just be stronger man,

cheers it up.

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