Thursday, September 11, 2008


Bandar Lampung
September 12, 2008

Most of us know about the character of people at least knowing the character of him self.
Each of us have different in the way we see somethings, like i have done before, i show a picture
to 2 persons, and one person and other one see the different objects because of the different in the perception.

Most of us have different characters that sometimes impact on the bad relationship to our peer in our environment, such kinds with people around of us, even sometimes we have so different characters with our family.

So, it will impact on the way we behave or attitudes in most of day in our live. Sometimes people would like feeling "show off" with him self by treating people as his or her wants.
Persons such kinds of this will try show his or her show off skill to people in order people want to know about him or her much.

But, i quoted this statement from Pak Setya Rahadi Blog, "Character is doing the right things when no body was looking". So just do the good things for your self, which not expect to be seen by the people or want to be show off.

Cheers it up

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