Monday, September 22, 2008


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September 22, 2008

I watch a movie last night, with title Hitch, the actor is Will Smith who
become a Love Consultant, while here his job description is helping the people for finding a love.

One of his clients is Alex Brennen, who love much with Allegra
and Hitch help this guy start from how meet with Allegra,
how to speak, how to treat her to be feel so special
and till Allegra fall in love with Alex.

I have some insight for this movie: sometimes we should make a conditional for finding a love,
and the conditional love will be broke up by the honest love, whether when we love a person,
just do it, face any thing whatever barrier us to get the true love.

This story happened till Hitch fall in love with one of the writer in the publisher in America,
and he feel that actually the man that need help for finding the love is him self.

So pathetic, as Love consultant, but his love life actually in bad of condition.

But actually it ends in nice ending.

So cheers it up with your condition now, just let it flow
and make it greats that love is not only loving, liking
but need a sacrifice.


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