Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frame in a glasses

Bandar Lampung
September 11, 2008

At night i have discussed with my friends by Yahoo Massanger (YM).
He talked to me that he was accepted as staff in Finance devision in one of Private Hospital in Lampung. He actually was still a student in one of College in Private University in Lampung.
He took Information Technology department in his degree.

The case is he talked to me that he confused that he was an IT persons, actually he was joined in a company as Finance Staff, who responsible related in Accounting, such as job posting, general ledger, financial statement, that never he learned much in his college.

I have advised him as followed:
1. Don't be a frog inside of piece of coconut shell, it means we can not judge that we are as a big one, as smart one, good one, so be your self and actually always prove your self and make increasing in many of portfolio skills, it means you might be as engineer, being a Broker, being a IT persons, being a Cleaning Service.
2. Don't Frame your self in your Glasses, it means that don't frame your self into the situation that restricted you to be people who multi talented persons. I was told it by Pak Setya Rahadi (HRD Manager Indonesia and Asia Emerging Countries). and i always reference him till to day i worked for this company (HP-red).

So come to the conclusions of this situation that in such kinds of situation that make us confuse to think or make a decision, just look around of you, think so many consideration when you want make an action that will impact on your self. Frame of glasses can be as our references case how we treat our self to be a persons that see world and life in the different and unusual ways.

Cheers it up

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