Monday, September 20, 2010

Early Morning with Early Writing...

September 21, 2010

Fiuh, its seem such a great today, how its make us to think to say Alhamdulillah, and let our heart feel and Say Louder Thanks to Allah.

Feels like home, right now, no one can imagine how i feel right now about the life. Honestly, such a life is a terrible things for the people out there. But i would like behaving my self how i should talk, treat the people, respects to each other, and low profile person to be.

Hard to say, whether we are not a perfect person, when we don't try to make it better, make our self mostly to be kind, and let our heart to be feel whether how we respect and treat them as we want to be treated.. So please kindly believe your self, to make it better.

Obviously, now seem i know how the way people to think its mostly different, one of them is so kind, and one of them as a bootlicker, and seems others is pretending to lie.

Honestly, such a lonely world, every one is so untrue....
Now, its seem start our self, how to be a better man, with better behavior, better statement to say, and lovely to help each other, and one more things, please to be down earth person.

I wish i can be a better man.

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