Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Long and Winding Road

March 31, 2013

Now, i am grateful for writing in English for my article today. Almost of us, know about the famous song from Beatles "The Long and Winding Road", and you know what, i feel blue when i hear the song. But i love it so much, and almost of all Beatles song. And in my dreaming, i can come to Beatles Museum in Liverpool, England someday. Amin.

You can imagine from this song, that someone who love much with his lovely, and he always trying to give his best for being in love with the woman. Even though, the man should pass the long, winding road, rainy and crying for getting close to the woman, The man always faithful for waiting love from the woman. Wonderful, so romantic, dramatic, and so tragically.

And it can be called life, because we don't know what the future bring, the important thing in our life is, just do the best and just wait till the destiny is revealed. Not only in love story, in our profession, also we need eagerness, creativity, spirit in order that we give the best thing what we can do for our institution.

And always keep things in mind, there is no such waste thing in out life, when we do our job, pass our life in good way, because each of our step of life, there are so meaningful. So do anything with your heart.

In within this year, there are some wishes that i would like to be reality, that are:
 * I would like passing my thesis phase for my graduation in MM Unsri.
 * I can find my truly love.
 * I can pass Telkomsel Scholarship Program, to continue my study in europe. Amin
 * I can get my visa to England, so i wish i will be in England on September or October withing this year. And i am promising my self, i will get photo in Beatles Museum in Liverpool city. Yeah.. Amin.

I wish Allah SWT, give the best way for step of my life.

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