Friday, October 19, 2007

The Way of Thoughts

Sometimes we make any doubtful and Fool, but it triggered us in proving what we are as human being for the time being. We know that the time never comeback, and we have to think that it’s effective time that we used for this time or in the past.

I know, we have so many choices in our being of life, but there are any points that I can share how we can enjoy our life and we can do anything with happiness without blame the people around us, because of the little and funny things, here there are:

  • Think positive to any body, while we have not need for suspecting to all people around us.
  • Get the flow of life and follow it, by taking and directed of flow of life we can understand the means of life, what we should do, what should we think, what should we been in this world.
  • Always say to thanks to God, while we make it simple,
  • Focus and work hard with our jobs, our task, and our position.
  • Never ending for learning to the new things (don’t frame your thoughts to such things while make you restricted).

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