Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feel Free out of Mind

January 26, 2012

It's lately night, almost in the middle of night, i am still writing some articles for my blog, and it's seem I don't know why, I can't sleep earlier at this Thursday night. Then, i thought better for me to write something about my idea for my blog.

For this week, I don't know i am feeling blue, i can't feel so free, i am feeling in the bad condition, but I always trying to keep smiling to anybody. And I always keep silent, and let it be unsaid. I feel truly free when i talk something with the writing, because i can explore all out of my mind and my blog always would like listening my story of life in my daily activities.

I always say grateful to my God, because My God give the best thing for my life, for my parents, my job, and all the things I have, so feel grateful,. Thanks God. But the things is, I always feel empty in my heart. In this almost 26 years old i am, i feel i need some guidance to make to fill my empty heart with something.

I need some vocation, i don't think so..
I need a new situation, i don't think so..

I think i need be able so close to Allah, i need having so many times to learn about Islam, Alqur'an, and Sunnah. Ya Robb, let me in to get your brightness way for my life...


  1. sometime we need refreshing ,to get new thing that make we feel better ,but ... when u just think to come to Alloh that Alloh is already be with u...jadi jangan ragu untuk mendekatkan diri pada-Nya yah...oyah aku td add ym kamu,boleh kan...


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