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08 Juli 2009

I have been inspirated by Mas Yono writing, while he wrote about how to be sucessful in project manager, and it can be implemented in whole things related to work environment in our job activities.

To be succeed is the wants of every body, right?, thats why, as i quote from Mas Yono as Professional ini Qatar Telecom, i will repost his writing in my simply blog. Here is:

To be successful project manager, one must have beside general management skills such as finance/accounting, strategic planning, time or stress management also at least skills such as:

  1. Leading, ability to lead not only manage as mention in previous post
  2. Communication, this ability will help people to understand the clear message, beside his presentation skills.
  3. Negotiation, it always happen project manager must negotiate with finance on project budget or marketing on project scope changes.
  4. Problem solving, also related to ability to make decission in various phase of the project
  5. Influencing the organization, it is important to make “the things done,” by approaching different organization element or level.
  6. Socio-Cultural understanding helps a lot to solve the problem, unwritten rules/laws, compliances
And I add one thing to be the issue, that is Never stop for learning, even GM, or director, when we have been in this high level position, we have to learn with anything, learning from experience, from other people, books, and so many things in this world, we can take the point, in order to we make our self better than before.

Success is in your hand..

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