Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Smile Is a Simple Way of Enjoying Life"

Januari 14, 2014.

Hei, this time already in the middle of the night, it show 12:14 am right now. Fiuh, even tomorrow I will go to work, but i dont why, is hard to go to bed. Yeah, might be I can use my time by writing in this blog.

Yeah, I am gladly trying to tell you about smile, you can change the world. Really?.. For sure you can change the world by smile. Let's Say, When President of Iran and President of United States meet in the conference, and they see each other, and both of them smile, and give the forgiveness each other, and you know what, the peacefull will come to the world. That's what i mean, guys.

Yeah, in Islam as I told you in my previous article, it told you that Smile is one of the easy way for Shadaqqah. Why, because in Islam said that when you give your smile to people, it can be called as value thing. Just only smile.

So, what you can do right now are:
  • Give your sincerely Smile to the People.
  • Smile will help you to burry your boringness.
  • Smile will make you youngest than your age.
So Guys, Let's Smile to the World.

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