Friday, December 7, 2007

My Lovely indonesia

December 7,2007

I am the person who love much with
all cultures in Indonesia, so till now
i am lovin for learning each cultures who i live

Hmm,,Indonesia has so many kinds of cultures
as Indonesian, i am proud of it,.
As my appreciations for My lovely Indonesia
i am liking to wear "batik", because when i wear it,
i feel have a charismatic feeling,.

Hmm, greats
I am loving for being Indonesian,.
I know how ever we are looked down by other countries
as Indonesian, i will do my best for this country

I know My god will bless Indonesia for solving all problems that are make us
feel being shame for recognizing to be Indonesian.

Indonesia,..i am proud of you.....

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  1. Sebagai warga negara yg baek, kita emang hrs begitu, menghargai hasil karya dan budaya bangsa kita sendiri..Siapa lg yg akan melakukan itu, klu bukan kita sendiri, org2 yg menjadi sumber dr budaya itu sendiri..

    Kita emang hrs bangga jadi bangsa Indonesia, ga setiap negara memiliki apa yg kita miliki...


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