Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book Reference "Under The Southern Stars"

July 26, 2015.

Well, I have already finished reading this book,  Greats Book from Anida Dyah with the title "Under the Southern Stars".

Anida Dyah have decided to make a Career Break and started Travelling since 2011, and she completely tells her travelling story in her blog

Well, she decided for career break because she don't want her life just only for the daily routine activities,  she want to make a breakthrough by travelling to whole the World.  Such kind crazy Amazing,  Right?...

This Book tells about her story in her journey with others traveller from Perth to Melbourne by Road Trip for almost 30 days and 4500 Km. Amazing...

Starting how she got the money by working in a restaurant for funding her travelling,  How beautiful Australia in beach,  botanic garden, desert, Mountain. And every inch of her journey is a story, in form of a good writing.

Well,  I like so much with her quotes "We will never know what will happen in our destiny,  what we can do is finding and keep step forward, until the destiny is revealed"

Nice Book.

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