Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Spirit of Soul

July 23, 2015.

I copied this picture from Pak Badar, Our GM SCC Telkomsel Sumbagsel's sharing in Line Group.

There are some point of views that I learned from this Picture:

1. We have to be Optimist with every part of our the way of thinking, because When you say "Yes", The Universe will conspire to achieve your Goals.

2. The Leader just only Leverage or Endorse us, but the important things in Life is The Spirit from Our Soul, that will defeat anything.

3. Let's See the Future, because every Success Man always have the Vision, and have Wish List to Do for their Future.

So, Always Keep Positive in every single part of our life,
and don't forget praying to Allah SWT, as the reason why we live in.

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