Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Loyalty & Retention Program.

Loyalty and Retention Program.


September 29, 2015.

Well, each of company has owned strategy for retaining their existing customer to be loyal to the company. Telkomsel as the biggest Telco Operator with More than 143 Million subscribers in Indonesia play the important role to help the Goverment to build the Connection and Communication among people in this Thousand Islands Country by connecting people to information, broadband, voice and sms also. 

Can you imagine that, when the information that you want informing to your family in another city within Indonesia by Post Delivery, how long the message will come to relatives. And right now, you can get any informations by seconds, right !... Implementation 4G broadband access make easily for people to communicate each other, and also get real time information from Internet.

Well, in otherwise, Telkomsel also have retention program such kind TelkomselPOIN that provides some loyalty activities for retaining existing customers. Telkomsel's Customers especially Prepaid Product such kind KartuAS, SimPATI and LOOP will get 1 TelkomselPOIN for Rp 5.000 Top-up. And for Postpaid product, the customers will get double TelkomselPOIN that are 2 TelkomselPOIN for Rp 5.000 of usage.

This Point can be used by customers to get some benefits likely Get Free Pass to Telkomsel Lounge in Airport, Get Free Ticket for 21 Cinema in Friday Movie Mania (FMM) program, discount in Merchants, get some souvenir by redeem TelkomselPOIN, etc. As the leading in Telco and mobile lifestyle provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel always providing the best user experience (UX) to Customers in term of widely coverage, good quality data access and implementation the newest advance technology in Telco that is 4G Implementation to provide the best experience to the loyal customers of Telkomsel in Indonesia.

Based on The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) survey, said that the peneteration of Telecommunication sector will  increase about 3% Growth as Macro Economic. So thats why, people rely on Telecommunication as the way to connect through people nowadays.

Especially in Bengkulu, I am gladly sharing that we are always trying to retain our loyal customers with TelkomselPOIN Program. I wish people in Bengkulu always acknowledge Telkomsel as the best and leading Telco Operator. And off course  our distinctive Objective is always providing the best quality experience to the people in broadband and digital service, and also basic service likely Voice and Sms.

Information of TelkomselPOIN, please access to *700#. 

Good night, and keep healthy always everyone.

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