Monday, September 28, 2015

Telkom distributing CDC Fund for Partnership to SME in Bengkulu

September 28, 2015.

Good Afternoon Everyone. Wish all the best for you in this Greats Monday. Because I love the day so much, because it's rainy right now in Bengkulu.

 This Afternoon, I have a chance to present about KartuHALO Product for Business Solution and Retention & Loyalty Program of Telkomsel to audiences who own Small Medium Enterprise in Bengkulu Province. 

In this 3rd Quartal, 2015. Telkom Distributes CDC Fund about Rp 794.000.000,- for developing 30 SME. This program is initiated by Telkom to increase the Economic Growth in Bengkulu in terms of Economic Scale of Business.

Well, I always adore so much with the person who can make and develop a business, especially likely young entrepreneurs.

Well, we wish this Partnership Program is usefull for this SME to become Bigger Company in the future. Aamiin.

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