Saturday, October 3, 2015

Course for Understanding IELTS.

Course for Understanding IELTS.

October 03, 2015.

Hello Everyone,
to Whom that it may concerns.

Well, there is a great way to learn about English,
especially improve your IELTS, by joining this online Course.

You can access, this course is held by British Council. First, please kindly register your self to the course, and you will get the Timeline of the course that you should pass of each parts.

There are so many interesting tips & videos that will guide you to learn deeply the full skills of English, likely reading, writing, speaking, and listening, how they are tested in the IELTS test. And You will find out more about the format of IELTS and learning some techniques to help us improve our performance in English.

I know, I am not too good enough in English, and I have to make more practices and learn so much to improve my english.

You can join this course free, and if you want get the certificate like a statement of participation, you can pay the cost about £34 (GBP) plus shipping. This price includes both a digital and printed version, and VAT or local sales tax.

Keep Positive and Happy Learning Everyone.


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