Monday, October 12, 2015

Don't Sell the Products, but Sell the Experiences !

Oct 12, 2015.

Well, we have the projections as the strategy for us to get the Double Digit Growth (DDG) in Telkomsel Branch Bengkulu. Delivering the best customer experiences to the customer is the first step to do, not just only selling the products to win the markets.

Gregory Yankelovich, Customer Experience Veteran and CEO of Customer Experience IQ, said that “Customers are no longer buying products and services – they are buying experiences delivered via the products and services.”

Customer Experiences play the important role for the business, since the tight competition in the markets nowadays. People are savvier then before since internet and broadband becoming the primary needs to people. Social media gives them the power to spread information about products and service – one opinion can be seen by thousands of people across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other websites. Furthermore, customers have the power of choice. Powerful shopping engines give them information about the best products based on price and customer reviews.

The customer experience is the way to win over new prospects customers,retaining the existing customers and build a business in sustainable growth in the future. Take a simple example: Apple produces the products beyond the customer expectation, by delivering joyful products and experiences. They know how to make people happy when use their products.

Apple make products that area beautifully designed and user friendly. Anyone can sell the computers & smartphones, but Apple focuses on the experience that comes with buying an Apple products. And right now Forbes acknowledge Apple as #1 World's Most Valuable Brands with $741.8 Billion Market Capitalization in May 2015 (

Here are the top seven reasons why customer experience is important:

1.    Improves customer satisfaction

2.    Fosters repeat customers and customer loyalty

3.    Increases customer advocacy and referrals

4.    Reduces customer churn

5.    Creates a competitive advantage

6.    Increases revenue and sales

           7.    Builds stronger customer relationship.
There are 3 illustration about the company that focus on customer experiences in their strategy to win the markets:

1. Apple don't sell the Computers or Phones, they sell the experiences.
What makes someone buy an Apple product over a Microsoft product? Why is the iPhone the bestselling smart phone device?. The Key is they make products that are beautifully designed and user friendly.

2. Disney World don’t sell theme park tickets, they sell experiences
Disney doesn’t tell their customers they sell theme park tickets or create animations. Disney focuses on creating an experience based around family entertainment.

3. Amazon don’t sell products, they sell experiences.

Amazon certainly isn’t the only online retailer. They recognizes that to compete in today’s price-sensitive world, they need to create better customer experiences. So that’s why they learn the people clicking – behavior, and seems like they know everything about you wants.

 Telkomsel as the market leader in Telco industry in Indonesia  is always focusing on customer experiences, by delivering the wide range of products, the best experience quality for broadband access, implementation the newest tech 4G LTE, providing the WOW experience quality service, and also widely coverage in Indonesia. And as the biggest Telco player in Indonesia, Telkomsel is consistently keeping the double digit sustainability growth in the market, retaining the loyalty program for the existing customers, and also creating the attractive program for the new subs.

The implementation of Total Customer Experience (TCE) Strategy is playing the important role to winning the customers heart . The Final Objective is keeping the company in the Sustainability Growth track to  be the market  leader in the business competitions.

I  have already posted the presentation in my slideshare, please kindly access for more detail :


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