Thursday, October 15, 2015

Loyalty Programs for High Value Customers: Keeping High-Spenders Happy

Loyalty Programs for High Value Customers: Keeping High-Spenders Happy

Okt 15, 2015.

The Definition of High Value Customers.

High value customers are clients on whom the survival or profitability of a business depends, according to Chief Marketer Network. Without these customers, a business loses its competitive advantage and market share, resulting in decreased performance. In worse scenarios, loss of high-value customers could result in a bad reputation or the collapse of a business. Hence, these customers should receive highly personalized care and attention from business owners and employees. (

And I define High Value Customers are the Customers who have the value in terms of:

·         - Length of Stay (LOS) in subscribing our product.
·         - More sacrifice in spending money for using our product.
·         - Valuable Person, usually I saw my high value customers have the profession as Success Entrepreneurs, Top level professional, managerial position and head of government, etc.
·         - Loyal Customers.

High value customers can be identified by assessing their Lifetime Value (LTV), which is based on the period of the relationship with customers, the value of purchases and the frequency of purchase. LTV is also influenced by factors such as retention cost, the cost to serve and discounts. It is a key marketing metric that indicates the profitability of each customer and is a crucial input for customer care and marketing strategies. LTV-based segmentation of the customer base helps service providers differentiate between high value, mid value and low value customers (

Profiling the customers is becoming the tools for implementing the Good Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By doing this such a great strategy to maintain our customers, we will know how well we treat our customers based on their segmentation profile. High Value Customer is becoming important for the company, because 15-20% from total Revenue is contributed by these High Usage Customers.

The question is, How we treat well our loyal high usage customers?. And in Telkomsel Branch Bengkulu, we would like to analyze the customers by profiling data of customers and classify the customers based on their usage and there are three categories, likely Priority Customer, Gold Customer, and Mass Customer. And we are trying to maximize TelkomselPOIN program for retaining these high usage customer in order have the retention program, like Halo Birthday Program, Visit and give a gift for our loyal customer, and of course priority service from Sub-Dept. High Value Customer for any problems in their KartuHALO.

It’s very challenging for me, and I love it. Thank you for being our loyal customers, and we are trying serve best to you.

KartuHALO Just for You.


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