Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every Single Step in My Life, supposed to be a meaning

13 January 2010

Take a look at our self, we have grown to be a dult person, and we have smart brain, genius hearth, while it makes us different from other creature.

I always watching every single step, single behavior and attitude of people inside of my self, most of us, feel we are better than other, and it supposed to be an underestimate feeling and treatment to others.

Why we do that, its caused we see other people don't have such things that we have, ex: skills, brain, etc. And it affect the description of person behavior to others people. Most of them, didn't realize that, everythings its gonna happened, we are nothing, take a look at our self, what kinds of us, when we are just a human corpse. We are nothing, so when we are alive and we are still breathing, "Treat the people as you want to be treated."

Every single step in our way of life, has the meaning, so when we can maintain our emotional, be patient to control our self, developing to be greats person, be remember that, we are nothing, so let us to be kindly to the people, humble, and let us smiling to others, that will affect to the the peacefull of the world.

(Learning to be better man)

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