Wednesday, January 13, 2010


January 14, 2010

We are realizing that there are so many things occured around of us, and behind of these cases, it will impacts on the person issues to blow up to the others people.

I didn't try blaming the people how love to talk about any one, but kindly it just a description of people who want to know about others problem.

We should realize that, every single person in her/his life have problem, when we can help them, so it much better, why we should make a gossips, and some times most of gossips consist of the blame feeling, bad suspect to the person as material to be gossip.

Came On, Indonesia is consisting of diversity culture, ethnics, tribes, religion. We are different to each other. But we are united as one human race as called Bangsa Indonesia.

Try to respecting other people, let people make their choice, and support them, when you think they needs your help. be friendly to others, cause we are Bangsa Indonesia is known as friendy nation. Be proud of to be Indonesian people.

When complexity is tends to be complicated, simplify, respecting, tolerance, make it peace.

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